Getting started with downloading python

Python Tutorial:

     This is the first python tutorial for beginners. Before starting with the actual Python programming we need to make sure that our Python learning environment is ready. This includes installing the Python on your system. In this article we’ll be downloading and installing the python on windows platform, also we are going to see how to cross-check if your python installation is correct. Also one basic addition program in Python IDLE (Python Shell).
How to download and install Python:
  • 1. From your browser go to
  • 2. Click on the Downloads button, Click on the latest available version. For me it is 3.7.0
Download Python and install on windows, python learning tutorial
  • Once the download is complete then double click on the python-3.7.0.exe file and select the rapid installation, In the rapid installation, you don’t have to specify each and every detail of installation and it will install the python with the default settings.

How to cross-check if the Python installation successful?

  • Launch the Windows command prompt by typing cmd in your run window.
  • In Command prompt window type following command: Python –version
  • This command should return you python version you installed on your machine i.e python 3.7.0
python version check on windows, python learning tutorial
  • If the above command won’t work for you and you are observing errors in command prompt then, Go to the installation location where you have installed your Python and copy the path and add the copied path into your “PATH” environment variable.
setting path environment variable for python, learning python for beginners
What is Python IDLE:
     IDLE stands for “Integrated Development and Learning Environment”. Python IDLE also gets installed along with the basic python installation. Basically IDE helps the developer to write his code and without leaving the same environment he can run and debug the code. Like Visual Studio, Eclipse is few IDEs for different programming languages.
   IDLE comes with the python is very light in the sense that it is good for new beginners but it is not possible to handle large projects of python using this IDLE. So there are other IDEs available in the market using which you can handle big projects very well. Pycharm is the IDE that is very popular in python users community. Please see the next article on how to install and use the PyCharm. In this complete series of python tutorial, we are going to use pycharm only.
Let’s launch the Python IDLE and write one basic addition program.
  • Go to your Python installation location and search for the python IDLE.
Launch python IDLE, learn python programming for beginers
  • This will launch the Python IDLE environment.
  • Let us try to write one basic addition of two numbers program. Write below lines in your IDLE environment;
    • a=5
    • b=7
    • sum=a+b
    • print (sum)
First python addition program, python tutorial for beginner
     So, guys, this was all about how to download, install python. Also, we have covered what is python IDLE and what is meant by the integrated development environment.
     If you have any doubts please comment below. Also see the next article of python tutorial series about, How to download and install PyCharm.

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