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Python recursive function

What is recursive function in python? Recursion is a way of programming in which a function calls itself for one or more times. A Python function which is defined to call itself during its execution is known as python recursive function. This way of programming enables the function to be executed several times. Recursive function body also contains a base condition to prevent the function getting into an infinite loop. So that was the definition of python recursive function, Now let’s proceed to understand each term in

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function arguments in python

Introduction to function arguments in python: In python, Inputs given to the function are known as function arguments or parameters. Depending upon how we have defined the function, There are four basic types of arguments and in this article we are going to learn each the argument type in detail. If you don’t know the terms python function, argument, return statement etc. then I would request you to please go through the earlier article Python Functions. Python user defined function: To start with this article, Let’s

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Functions in python

Introduction to python functions: In this article, We are going to learn what is python function? Different types of python functions. How to write and call python function in a program. So let’s get started with the definition of python function. What is python function? Function in python is a collection of related statements which are used to perform a specific task and return the result or value to the caller of the function. It basically breaks our code into smaller and modular chunks of code and

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