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Python list comprehension along with examples

In this article, We are going to learn how list comprehension works along with its examples. So basically Python List comprehension is a simple and elegant way of creating a list in python. It returns us a new list after performing specified operation on each element of iterable (List or sequence). List comprehension requires a input list and operation statement. During the execution of program it takes each element of input list and will perform specified operation on that element. Output after performing operation will be

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Variables and Data types in python

Variables in Python: Variables are the reserved memory locations to store the data. Which means for each variable in your program, separate memory location is reserved. As soon as you assign some value to the variable in you program, python interpreter utilizes the reserved memory space of that variable. But how much memory to be reserved and what type of data you can store in a variable depends upon data type of variable. To understand variables in detail let’s first try to understand what is meant

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